“If this isn’t nice, what is!”

What I’ve learned, from my earth-loving Unitarian Universalist church in San Diego (“this is our blue boat home”) and my own pantheistic leanings and from Kurt Vonnegut’s Uncle Alex: to wonder to my self, when I experience beautiful things, “If this isn’t nice, what is!

And that’s exactly what I was thinking when I took this picture.


Praise report

Some days are hard. You feel a little directionless and like you’re falling behind on EVERYTHING. Some days you come down with a stomach bug and will yourself to pull it together for your kid’s talent show at school. You don’t even have the energy to wash your hair, even though you realize {whisper} you haven’t washed it in several days.

And some days are great. Some days you wake up having had enough sleep and the sun is shining and you work all day uninterrupted and you GET SO DANG MUCH ACCOMPLISHED. #praisereport