About Community Well

Christa Bennett, MA
Founder, Community Well

I founded Community Well to offer community-building consulting services to nonprofits and political advocacy organizations.

The daughter of a teacher and ethics professor-turned-clergyman, I grew up with a strong sense of social interconnectedness, which continues to motivate me to support communities where all have opportunities to thrive. I call it community wellness: taking care of our selves and taking care of each other.

To that end, I work with nonprofits that provide health, education, job, and housing services and with initiatives that promote progressive public policies. I produce written collateral, such as grant applications, social media and website content, and print marketing text. I also create and implement communications and development strategies, including grassroots funding and political advocacy campaigns, donor cultivation, and corporate partnerships.

I hold a master’s degree in international relations from King’s College London. I am particularly interested in how public policy can better serve the wellbeing of women and children. I have worked with organizations in Europe, Africa, and North America.

I am the proud parent of two children, both of whom attend Charlottesville City Schools. I am passionate about supporting students and teachers, and I am a member of the CCS School Health Advisory Board. I am currently coordinating a grassroots initiative, A Playground for Walker, to build a playground at our local upper elementary school. I enjoy practicing yoga, counting leaves, listening to good podcasts, and camping and hiking with my Eagle Scout husband (we will never be stranded without food or fire!) and our kiddos. My guilty pleasure is watching crime show reruns.

H fam sitting big smiles
Photo by Susan Parmar Photography